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Suite 2, Hiltop Plaza, No. 13 Gwani Street, Wuse zone 4, F.C.T, Abuja Nigeria.

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At Dozie and Dozie’s
Pharm, quality is the
foundation of our company
and is fully embedded
in our day to
day activities and
services. To meet this
commitment, we mantain
a quality formed
culture to ensure the
highest priority is
placed on the safety,
efficacy, reliability of
our products.
As part of Dozie and Dozie’s Pharm’s commitment to quality,
– Businesses are conducted in compliance with globally applicable
regulations, codes and standards.
– All colleagues and contingents must have education, training,
skils and experience to carry out their work competently with
applicable regulations and Dozie and Dozie’s Pharm policing
the procedures.
– Records, documentation and data are managed in accodance
with utmost care.
– There is an effective oversight of any third party carrying out
work on behalf of Dozie and Dozie’s Pharm.
– Perfomance is monitored and regularly reviewed to ensure our
standards of conduct meet our high expectations of quality

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