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Suite 2, Hiltop Plaza, No. 13 Gwani Street, Wuse zone 4, F.C.T, Abuja Nigeria.

Dr. Scott is absent during operations. You will be redirected to Dr. Mulder.

Dr. Davis Scott

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About Me

Being in a customer-centric industry, we work single-mindedly with the vision of being the leader of healthcare provider across all ages and society such that we are synonymous as the ultimate health care choice for all. Ever since its inception, it has been working to get the best technology and the best of talent to foster excellence in patient care and treatment at an affordable price to all.

This would cumulatively work towards the unified and integrated care for all. The aim behind this is also to open the doors to develop a new and innovative approach to health care.


"Health is not valued till sickness comes."

- Thomas Fuller

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